Today's Opening Hour:


With the 1-Day Pass, you can experience unlimited attractions within the area, consisting of more than 10 different types, all day long.

Here are some recommended ways to enjoy your time here
(Excluding some paid attractions.)


11:00AM -

  • Upon exiting the entrance, one finds oneself in a certain European town—where the bustling streets teem with life, and the anticipation for extraordinary events to unfold is palpable.

  • First, let's go to the shops!
    There are plenty of stylish goods to enhance the immersive experience into each world. Let's put them on right away and dive into the world both physically and mentally!

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2. Enter the world of that fairy tale!

11:30AM -(Experience time 15 minutes.)

  • Explore and experience the world of the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" by walking around! Have a blast by actually stepping into the "candy house." As the story unfolds... be amazed by the shocking truth you never knew before!

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3. Enter the world of spy movies!

12:30PM -(Experience time 20 minutes.)

  • "Spy Action!" is an immersive show where sudden shouts disrupt the peaceful town, plunging audiences into a battle between the mafia and spy agents.
    "Could I possibly be taken hostage...?" The heart-pounding plot keeps the excitement alive without pause.

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4. Even meals are immersive?!

1:00PM -

  • For dining, head to the renowned Italian restaurant in town, "CASA DI PERONI."
    Enjoy the lively Italian cuisine where the staff members chat with you like old acquaintances, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that naturally sparks laughter.

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5. Enter the world of idols!

2:00PM -(Experience time 40 minutes.)

  • After lunch, let's have a blast!
    In the immersive rally of [Your Favorite Child], popular YouTuber "Pieyong" challenges participants with puzzle-solving activities.
    With a live event held in a vast space, it's guaranteed to be a huge excitement!

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6. Enter the world of the scariest horror!

3:00PM -(Experience time 10 minutes.)

  • Lost in the alleys of 19th century London, you find yourself bewildered...

    Suddenly, you're thrust into a terrifying experience as the target of the infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, eliciting screams of horror!

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7. When you're hungry, try the Jewel Dessert!

4:00PM -

  • When you feel a bit peckish, head to the dessert boutique in town and indulge in beautiful, jewel-like dolce that instantly captivates your heart!

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8. In the end, let's have one more round of excitement.

4:45PM -(Experience time 12 minutes.)

  • Join us for "Identity V Immersive Chase". Fans of Identity V, as well as those who are not, come together to scream in excitement as they participate in a life-or-death game of tag, escaping from terrifying hunters!

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9. A dramatic conclusion to the day.

5:30PM -

  • Finally, let's check out the stylish items at the local favorite "Plaza Mart"!

    "I did this!" "I experienced such a thing!"
    The stories experienced firsthand as the protagonists won't stop even on the way home, and you'll be wrapped in lovely lingering thoughts before falling asleep.

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For those who want to enjoy an even more immersive experience

For those who want to completely immerse themselves in an intense immersive experience and "change their entire life," why not also enjoy "Immersive Theater," where you can dive into a movie-length intense story?
(Additional fees apply)